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Bumper Repairs in our Medway Bodyshop

The Bumper is easily damaged and most common area of a car to receive scratches or a dents. 

It probably isn't even your fault as damage can be done by other people parking or passing.

Such damage often goes un-repaired as people think its expensive, but your car will quickly look scruffy, and it will lower the value and possibly even attract

more unwanted attention if the car looks unloved. We use advanced techniques in plastic bumper repairs and colour matching to quickly sort your scratch out.

So if your bumper is scratched, scuffed, dented or cracked, we will repair your vehicle, matching the original colour perfectly for an invisible repair. 

You may think that a bumper repair on your doorstep, where they come to you, is the most convenient and easiest solution? 

But which actually sounds better, A windy gazebo on your driveway or a professional workshop with a low bake spray booth?